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Here's Just A Fraction Of What You Will Learn:
  • ​What’s actually going on in your teen’s brain (and why understanding this will make a world of difference) (page 18)
  • ​What “Encouragement as a Second Language” (ESL) is (and how it’ll transform the way you communicate with your teens) (page 24)
  • What REALLY happens when you let go of all expectations for your teen (hint: it’s probably not what you think!) (page 36)
  • ​The effects of authoritarian parenting (and why it’s so important to break the cycle) (page 11)
  • ​What’s REALLY pushing your buttons (hint: it’s not your teen!) (page 10)
  • ​ Why punishments, threats, and rewards don’t work (and what to do instead) (page 41)
  • ​Why you’ve failed to set boundaries for your teen in the past (and how to succeed without threatening or damaging your relationship) (page 54)
  • ​How to develop a reactivity, judgement, blame, and expectation radar detector for peaceful parenting (page 76)
  • ​Exactly what happens when you get triggered (and how to avoid adult tantrums) (page 13)
  • ​And so much more!
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